NOTICE - No Valve Cover Racing in 2012

THE DMC 2011 Dragway Procedures

Valve Cover Racing is free...the end result is priceless...

All drivers must be signed up and valve cover weighed by DMC official by 6:15pm to be eligible for racing that night. No late arrivals…

Sign up valve covers for race; DMC official will weigh valve cover then put the valve cover on the staging table; name will be called prior to “run” to retrieve the weighed valve cover from a DMC official.

If you do not have a valve cover to race, a “house” valve cover will be available to borrow. Participants using a house valve cover, will draw a tag prior to each run to determine the valve cover they will race: 1 - Neon Green, 2 – Neon Orange, 3 – Red White Blue and 4 – 21 Checker Flag, etc.

After the track is setup, and time permitting, there will be open track practice until 6:10pm.

The Driver's meeting is at 6:15pm and racing begins after the meeting..

When the track is open for racing after the Driver's meeting the drivers will begin to stage the valve cover for the race; the winner will move to the next round.

If the electronic finish line does not register a run for a competing valve cover, then the race will be repeated...each valve cover has to pass under the electronic beam to be an official race with positions 1 and 2 appearing on the score board. After two attempts the third race will be decided on by DMC official's "sight."

There will be a “second chance” for non-winners if competition lacks a racing partner. The non-winning driver’s name will be placed in a bucket that will be pulled by the odd numbered driver--which will advance the non-winning driver again to competition for a “second chance.” Once a “second chance” is used it will not be eligible until all non-winners have had a “second chance.”

A Trophy will be awarded to the winner at the end of the night.

Points are awarded to all participants for each race and posted on the DMC website, At the end of the season, awards will be given to the top five drivers with the highest overall points for the season.